Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Win The Cremation Debate

by Andrea Rhodes

Your family may be appalled by your decision to be cremated when you pass away, but there are some ways to buffer the reactions of your loved ones or even get them to be accepting of your choice. You have every right to decide how your remains are handled, especially if you are going to be utilizing life insurance money to pay for your cremation ceremony and urn.

New Traditions Can Be Started

Who would you consider to be an authority over whether being buried or cremated is a better option? You probably can't think of a single person who would be an expert in this field. Millions of people choose to be buried, due to it being a customary tradition that has been passed down for generations. Cremation is another viable option that scores of people choose. With cremation, you can still have a symbolic service held in your honor and visiting a cemetery is an option that can be added to your personal service plans.

If you have loved ones buried in a local cemetery, consider having your ashes spread across their burial plot. This is one way to intertwine a standard cemetery visit with a cremation, plus your loved ones will be comforted by knowing that your remains are in the same spot as those of other beloved family members.

A Keepsake Will Keep Memories Alive

Skeptical family members may be somewhat appeased when they learn what the cremation process entails. Each body is handled in a dignified manner and the cremation process is conducted in a private building. In some aspects, cremation may seem more humane to you than a standard burial. Your body will not be on display for countless hours and the cremation process can be administered, directly before your memorial service.

In lieu of a body, your loved ones can view photos of you. These photos can be set up along one side of a funeral room or a chapel. During a meeting with a crematory agent, request information about urns. A beautiful urn will become a keepsake that one of your family members can hold onto. When viewing an urn, they will be reminded of the fond moments that they spent with you.

If you think about it, looking at an urn each day is a great way to keep your memory alive. Nobody needs to drive to a cemetery to look at a headstone, in order to honor you or reflect upon your life. Instead, they can sit down in their favorite chair and gaze at the urn. Contact someone like Damar  Kaminski Funeral Home & Crematorium to learn about their options.