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Your Monument Headstone: Considerations Before You Move Forward

by Andrea Rhodes

Perhaps you're considering getting a monument headstone either for your own headstone for when you pass away or you want one for someone you love. A monument headstone is a headstone that is raised above the ground and is made often from granite or other types of stone. Some monument headstones are made in the shape of angels or other designs while many others are simply square or rectangular in design and vary in height and depth.

A monument headstone makes your grave marker stand out more than others in the cemetery and can be a great way to even honor someone you love if they don't currently have a headstone on their gravesite or if the one they have is old and worn. Before you get any monument headstone or a custom granite headstone in any design, consider these things.

Cemetery restrictions

Every cemetery has rules and regulations regarding the headstones and markers allowed on the graves that are within the premises. These rules are done to help the cemetery remain beautiful and safe for those who use it as a final resting place and for their visitors as well. Before considering any type of headstone design for a monument or other style of headstone, ask about the cemetery restrictions that exist where you want the headstone placed. This way, you will know your headstone will be accepted for viewing at its intended final resting place without conflict or issue.

Custom engraving

Do you want to have your monument headstone custom engraved with anything? A custom engraving can be anything from a phrase or religious quote to a special engraving of an image or even a photograph. If you want to have custom engraving done, you'll want to choose a headstone that is large enough to hold all the custom work you want to have done. Some types of stone may handle custom engravings better than other styles as well, so speak to your headstone specialist before purchasing any type of monument headstone.

Price and budget

The cost of a monument headstone will vary depending on the type of stone chosen, the custom work put into it, and the size of the monument, among other factors. Working with a specific budget will help narrow down your options; speak to your headstone specialist before choosing any type of headstone for your needs so you don't shop outside of your available budget. If having your headstone shipped, keep shipping costs in mind for your budget as well.