Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Do These Things When Planning A Funeral

by Andrea Rhodes

Funerals are important rites in many traditions. They give family members and friends the chance to reminisce and grieve together. The opportunity to say goodbye to your departed loved one should not be overlooked. Considerable planning needs to go into a successful funeral, and this can be challenging to accomplish following a death. Having a list of things to do can help. Here are three things you will need to do when planning a funeral.

1. Decide where you would like the funeral service to be held.

Many people like the commemorate the passing of a loved one with a funeral service. Whether you want a funeral service or not is entirely up to you. If you do decide to have one, you'll have to choose where you'd like it to be held. Most funeral homes have a chapel where families can have funeral services. Using the funeral home's chapel has the advantage of making transportation of the body simple. However, some people have a regular church where they'd prefer to have the service. Other people feel most comfortable with a graveside ceremony, and others choose to have a more private service in the home of a loved one.

2. Notify people of the date and location.

Once you decide on a location for the funeral service and secure a venue, you will need to notify people so they can attend. The passing of a loved one is often sudden and unexpected, so funerals are often prepared on short notice. You should still strive to give people as much notice as you can, so they can make the necessary travel arrangements. Notify people of the funeral however you can. Some people choose to take out an obituary in the local newspaper. You can also send out formal invitations in the mail. If your family and friends are tech-savvy, you can even send out funeral invitations through email.

3. Decide what you would like to have happen during the funeral service.

Funeral services can look however you want them to. There's no right or wrong way to celebrate your loved one's life. Many people choose to have a pastor, priest, or other religious official speak on behalf of the family. People who were close to the deceased may give eulogies remembering the special times they spent together. If you chose to have your loved one embalmed, it's possible to have a viewing service where people can say a final farewell to the body of the deceased. Decide which of these elements you'd like to incorporate into the funeral so you can make the necessary arrangements.

For more information or help with funeral planning, reach out to a funeral home.