Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Planning A Funeral Service When Remains Will Be Cremated

by Andrea Rhodes

Cremation funeral services provide you with the same options as when you are going to have your loved one embalmed and buried. Planning the funeral service can include a wake prior to the cremation, visiting hours with the cremated remains there, and even a church service with the cremated remains. You can plan the funeral according to what works best for you and your family, taking into account any final wishes your loved one left behind. If you have a loved one that wanted to be cremated but wanted a full funeral service, this can all happen regardless of whether the body is there or the cremated remains are there instead.

Considering the Wake

Many families prefer to have a viewing of the body in order to make it easier to have closure. If this is the case, you can have the body prepared for viewing and schedule a wake. Since a cremation is going to occur, you will want to have the viewing quickly to prevent the need for embalming. When your loved one wanted people to have the chance to say goodbye and have one last view, you can have a wake with the body present.

Church Services With Cremains

A church service with cremains works the same as if you have a service with an entire casket. The cremains are carried into the church and honored just as a casket with a body would be. Once the service is over, the cremains can be brought home with the family, or you can continue the funeral service to a place of burial in order to bury your loved one.

Burial of Cremated Remains

Cremated remains are easier to handle. Burial can occur at a traditional cemetery or any place that you have permission to scatter the ashes. The funeral service can include placing the remains in their final resting place.

Holding the Funeral

Cremation funeral services are a time when people get together to remember their loved one. The funeral can be full of singing, praying, and storytelling. The funeral might be held at a funeral home or in a church of one's choosing. Most people bring in pictures of the deceased in a variety of settings so that everyone can remember them fondly.

Cremation funeral services make it easier to deal with final remains once the time comes. Cremation is more affordable, and you can still plan a full funeral for your loved one.