Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

4 Advantages Of Cremation Over Embalming And Burial

by Andrea Rhodes

In the United States, there are two common ways to handling human remains: some people have their bodies embalmed and buried, while others have their bodies cremated. Embalming and burial has the advantage of keeping the body intact, which holds with certain religious traditions. It also allows family members to see and say goodbye to their loved one in person. However, cremation is an increasingly popular option that offers its own advantages, most notably the following:

1. Cremation is cheaper

Especially if the deceased did not leave behind a large estate, your funds may be limited for the funeral. Cremation is much more affordable than embalming, simply because it is less work and does not require that you buy a casket. You can easily call around and get prices from several funeral homes that offer cremation; many have a flat fee they charge, whereas costs are far more variable for embalming and burial.

2. Cremation gives the family something to remember their loved one by

When you have a body embalmed and buried, it is kept at the cemetery and family members have to go visit it. This can get a little time-consuming and people often don't end up visiting as often as they would like, especially if they live a good distance from the cemetery. With cremation, the family can take the ashes home with them. The ashes can even be split among family members so that each person always has a reminder of the deceased with them.

3. Cremation saves valuable land

A lot of people have died over the years in the U.S. Cemeteries are getting quite full and space is at a premium. Cremation saves land, which is good for the planet and for the funeral industry as a whole. The plots at the cemetery can be saved for those who cannot or will not be cremated for various reasons.

4. Cremation gives you flexibility with the service

When someone dies, you typically need to have the funeral within a few days if you plan on having the body embalmed and buried. This tight schedule can make it tough for people who live out of town to make plans. If you have the body cremated, however, you can easily schedule the funeral a few weeks or even a few months later, when it is easier for people to visit.

Cremation deserves a second look as a funeral option. It boasts a lot of advantages over the alternative.