Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Tips For Planning A Loved One's Funeral

by Andrea Rhodes

Do you have a loved one that recently passed away, and now you're responsible for the funeral arrangements? These tips will help you get through this very emotional process.

Read Your Loved One's Will

One of the first things that you should do is find the will that your loved one may have left behind. It is very possible that they had specific wishes about what they wanted for their funeral, or even set aside money to help pay for it. That is why finding the will should be a priority. Unfortunately, some people do not make it easy to find a will, and funeral plans often need to be made quickly after their passing. 

Discuss With Other Family Members

If you have no idea about what kind of funeral your loved one wanted, it is best to meet with family members to decide what would be best. You will be surprised at what you can come up with when the important people in your deceased loved one's life come together to talk about it. You may discover that they talked about wanting a specific kind of funeral in the past, which can help give some insight into what you should do.

Create A Budget

While you want a funeral for your loved one to be memorable, you don't want the costs to get out of control. That's why it helps to create a budget for how much is going to be spent on the funeral. This can help control your spending before things escalate to more money than you originally planned to spend. 

Work With A Funeral Home

At this point, it will be best to work with a funeral home to help make decisions about many of the small details related to your loved one's funeral. They specialize in funeral services and can let you know of all the decisions that need to be made. This ranges from selecting the flowers, having help writing the obituary, and even figuring out all the fine details of what kind of music will be played at a memorial service. 

Select The Urn Or Casket

With a budget in mind, you can select what kind of urn of casket you want to use for your loved one's body. There are many kinds of urns and caskets available, and it is easy to go with the premium options in your time of grieving. That's why it helps to create a budget before you make a selection on an urn or casket. The method of handling the body will also have a big impact on the rest of your budget.