Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Keys To Finding The Ideal Funeral Home

by Andrea Rhodes

Saying goodbye to someone forever will always be one of the toughest days of your life. Though planning a well-organized, thoughtful funeral won't necessarily make things any easier, it will at the very least give your loved one the dignity of a service that honors their time on Earth. One of the most important things to decide after a death is which funeral home you want to address the service. These companies do a lot of the work that comes with putting a funeral together, and they can work with you on whatever aspect of the service you might need some assistance with. 

Whether you already have funeral plans in place thanks to the will or you are building the entire funeral service from scratch, start by considering these suggestions. 

Find a great funeral home so that you can cut out a lot of the headache

While no funeral home is fool-proof, you do cut out a drastic amount of uncertainty that comes with funerals when you get this decision right. The reason for this is that most funeral homes address the majority of the services under one roof. They often sell you the burial plot and casket, host and officiate the funeral service, hold an open wake, accept flowers, donations, and well-wishes, publish a funeral announcement in local publications, and more. 

By hiring a funeral service that you can trust to be on top of these things, a lot of your stress will be addressed. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) laws, these funeral homes are required to be straight forward with you when letting you know how much every service costs. In fact, they have to serve it to you in writing. 

What's more, it is your right to decline embalming service and to buy and use any casket that you'd like, even if it is from another funeral home. Know your rights and patiently begin reaching out to funeral homes until you find services that you think you will be satisfied with. 

Make sure that you have your speakers or artists lined up

The truly memorable part of any funeral is when those most important to the deceased pay their respects. Open the floor and allow people time to share stories or memories. This will also be a great time to have a few poems or other selections prepared. Something as small as a written story and a musical selection can really help people grieve and find understanding during the funeral. 

Factor in these tips and speak to a few different funeral homes.