Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

The Answers To 3 Important Cremation Questions

by Andrea Rhodes

Is a deceased loved one getting cremated because that is what they requested before their death? While you want to honor their request, you likely have some questions to ask about cremation and what the process is like. Having the answers to some important cremation-related questions could help you during this trying time for you and your loved ones.

Can the Family Still Have a Ceremony?

The family of the deceased person who is getting cremated can still have a ceremony for their loved one. The family may choose to have a viewing before the cremation begins. Having a viewing gives the family and friends of the deceased a chance to see their loved one and say a final goodbye to them. After the ceremony takes place and everyone gets a chance to say their goodbyes, the cremation process can begin.

When Will the Cremation Process Begin?

The date of the cremation depends on different factors. Most places will complete the cremation within a few days after the family has their viewing. If you are a loved one of the deceased, you may attend the cremation of your loved one. Some people like the idea of being there when the cremation takes places and others prefer not to. It is a decision you would need to make for yourself while also talking it over with your loved ones. Talk to the funeral home director to find out how many people can attend the cremation.

How Soon Will the Family Receive the Ashes After a Cremation Occurs?

Most families will receive the ashes of their loved ones within two weeks or less. You may choose to have the ashes placed in an urn. If you would like to distribute them between different loved ones, you can do that as well. Some people want to put the ashes in jewelry, glass, or stuffed animals, while others may want to spread the ashes of their loved one in a specific area, such as a garden. While waiting for the ashes, think about what you would like to do with them.

While some people get buried, others prefer being cremated. If a loved one requested to get cremated after death and they have just passed, you want to honor their request by doing what they asked of you. Now that some of the most important cremation-related questions are answered, you may be ready to have the viewing and then get your loved one cremated.

For more tips on cremation, reach out to a local funeral service.