Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

3 Tips For Funeral Home Services

by Andrea Rhodes

Funerals can leave you drained and hurting, but they are necessary in turning the page after losing someone close to you. You have to get through this part of the process so you can begin healing. When you give yourself and your family a safe space to go through these emotions, you are also commemorating a special life well lived. 

1. Think about the final resting place and the style of funeral service

The final resting place is usually a grave with a name, birthdate and death date, and a nice message about their life. A grave marker can be made with concrete, bronze, marble, granite, limestone, fieldstone, or other materials. You'll look for solidly crafted caskets of walnut, maple, cherry, oak, and other kinds of wood. 

Not everyone wishes to have a burial. Others choose cremation services for their funeral instead. Consult the last will and testament or any other document that lists the deceased's final wishes. 

Religious funeral services are popular since you're dealing with matters of life and death. Non-religious people can still get a service that sums up the life they lived and the meaning of life as they understood it. People who served in the military also have certain ceremonies that are part of tradition and their veteran's benefits. 

2. Ask for price lists and talk to your family about the ones you want to choose

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) funeral rule explains that funeral homes have to be transparent about their charges and service lists. You have the right to only buy what you want, and they have to give you exact prices when asked. These prices can be given over the phone or web, and they have to show you the written cost of the caskets before showing you the casket itself. 

The FTC made these laws with your interest in mind so the funeral planning process isn't difficult or more confusing than it has to be. 

3. Know fully how the funeral will be paid for

The source of paying for the funeral is also an item you need to address. If there is a will and trust or life insurance policy in place, all arrangements may already be taken care of. If not, it could be a matter of the family pitching in and handling the costs. Clear up any confusion on this as soon as you can. 

A funeral home can help with all of these tips and will be a source of strength and compassion during this difficult time. Contact a local funeral home to learn more.