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Tips For Selecting A Gravesite Monument

by Andrea Rhodes

After a loved passes away and is buried, many people choose to to purchase a monument to place at the gravesite. Since a gravesite monument is designed to honor the deceased, most people want to ensure that they buy the right one. Selecting a gravesite monument can be very emotional, and some people can find the task overwhelming. Whether you're purchasing a monument through a funeral home or from an online retailer, don't be afraid to ask questions and request help, if needed. Use the following tips to help you purchase a beautiful monument to have placed at your loved one's grave:

Understand the Cemetery's Rules

Before you begin looking at gravesite monuments, it is very important to contact the cemetery where your loved one is buried. Most cemeteries have guidelines when it comes to gravesite monuments and headstones, and you want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of the requirements. The last thing that you want to do is make the effort to select a monument and then pay for it only to learn that it can't be used because it does not meet the cemetery's guidelines. In addition to requesting a copy of the cemetery's rules, it can also be helpful to visit the cemetery to see examples of monuments.

Take Your Time

There is no rule that a gravesite monument must be installed right away after a person is buried. Selecting a monument that honors your loved one can be hard, and you may go back and forth when trying to decide which one is the right one. It is okay to take your time-- it is much better to take your time than to make a hasty decision. A monument will always be at your loved one's final resting site, so you want to make sure that you buy a monument that you will be happy seeing any time you visit the cemetery.

Explore Inscription and Lettering Options

When it comes to gravesite monuments, selecting an inscription can be very personal. Ideally, the inscription on the monument should reflect your loved one who has passed. Some people choose an inscription that comes from a poem or the Bible. In some cases, a favorite saying of the deceased may be used. Once you know what inscription you want to use, explore all the lettering options available to help ensure that you're completely satisfied with the final engraving. 

For more information on selecting your own gravesite monument, talk to a funeral home today.