Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Has a Sudden Illness Taken Over Your Life? Arrange Cremation Services In Advance

by Andrea Rhodes

If a sudden illness has taken over your life and you know that you don't want a lot of money to be spent on your final arrangements, meet with a couple of local funeral homes. Talk with the businesses about the costs of cremation, and how you can prepay for this in advance.

You can either prepay for it or possibly sign a contract to use them so that the life insurance money will be used after you pass. Some funeral homes will lock you in at a price if you do either of these things. Here are other things to consider.

Understand the Cost Advantages

There are a lot of financial benefits of cremation. Some of the reasons it is the most affordable option are:

  • You avoid the embalming process, which is more involved and takes more time
  • You aren't paying for a coffin
  • A grave or chapel isn't needed
  • You don't have to get a headstone

When you are cremated the process can be fast, easy, and affordable, and you can decide how much you want to spend with a memorial or other arrangement after.

State Your Final Wishes for Your Ashes  

You want to state your final wishes for the ashes in a will or with the funeral home you choose to do the cremation. Some people want their ashes taken to places that were special to them, others want the ashes to be divided up between family members or loved ones. Have this documented so there is no confusion.

Have a Copy of Your Will Sent Out

Be sure that a copy of your will can be easy to find for your children, loved ones, or the funeral home if needed. This may mean arranging the will with a lawyer or giving copies of the will you created to someone close to you that would be contacted if you passed.

Cremation is increasingly popular because people would rather save the money from high funeral costs to go towards other things, especially if there is a life insurance plan in place. Talk with some of the local funeral home facilities to see what they charge for the services and if you can prepay to lock in a rate. You don't want to worry about what will happen if you pass from your illness, and instead, you can set all the details in advance and then move on from there to work on your health. 

Reach out to a cremation provider to learn more about this service.