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4 Reasons Why You Should Memorialize Your Loved One With A Monument

by Andrea Rhodes

The death of a loved one can be stressful and heartbreaking. Once a funeral or memorial service has ended, it's advisable to have memorialization. Apart from preserving memories, memorialization helps in remembering and honoring your loved one. One of the most famous physical pieces of remembrance is a monument.

Here are four reasons why you should memorialize your departed relative with a monument:

1. Monuments are an Everlasting Tribute

It is estimated that more than 2.5 million Americans die each year. One of these people could be your loved one. Some of them may have left a significant impact in our lives, and their life is worth remembering. The best gift you can give to a departed loved one is a monument. You can personalize a monument to depict the kind of person the deceased was.

2. It Creates a Permanent Place where Relatives Can Visit

A monument can't compare with an ordinary grave. With time, bushes will grow and cover the grave, making it easily forgotten. A grave that has no monument is not any better than an unmarked grave. It might depict that the departed is not worthy of commemoration. However, a monument creates a focal point where relatives and friends can frequently visit or meet to hold a memorial service.

3. A Monument is a Permanent Record

You can't compare the cost of a monument with the purpose it serves. With between $1,000 and $10,000, you can have either a flat marker or a simple upright monument. Since it can be customized, the gravestone can have the picture of the departed loved one engraved on it. The future generations can visit the graveyard and have a look at how their grandparent or relative looked like, acting as a permanent record for the family and friends.

4. It Plays a Meaningful Role in the Healing Process

Complicated grief is common in the United States, affecting about 10% to 20% of grievers. While some people heal quickly, others take a long time. However, the monument is known to support emotional healing. It helps people shift from negative feelings of loss to happy moments shared with the deceased.

 Through a monument, relatives get a chance to celebrate the deceased's uniqueness and the experiences they shared together. Typically, a headstone focuses on the positive attributes of your loved ones. You can use a positive statement or a meaningful quote as an inscription on the stone. As you embark on all these activities, your heart gradually heals.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning a memorialization event, consider getting a monument. It will help you honor the deceased love one while remembering their positive attributes and the best moments shared together.