Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Funeral Home Services That Make Planning Final Arrangements Easier

by Andrea Rhodes

When relatives die without any written final arrangement plans, families can often struggle to finalize and pay for funerals. They may not be sure of what their loved ones want. They also may scramble to pay for these arrangements.

Instead of leaving your family facing such a debacle after you die, you can get your final arrangements laid out and put in writing. You can use the funeral home services that many funeral homes make available to clients.

Pre-planning Services

Your children and grandchildren may not have any idea of what kind of funeral that you want after you die. They may not be familiar with your preferred religious readings or texts. They also may not know where you want to be buried or what kinds of religious services, if any, you want to be conducted.

When you make use of funeral home services available to you, however, you can specify your wishes for your final arrangements. You can put into writing what kinds of religious rites you want to be carried out. You can also stipulate what readings to include in your service and where you want to be laid to rest. You take the guesswork out of planning your arrangements and ease your family's burden of having to plan them out for you.

Pre-paying for Funerals

You also may find funeral home services that let you pay off your final arrangements in increments before you die. You may not want to delegate all of your life insurance to pay for these services. You also may not want to put the financial burden on your loved ones to cover for you.

Instead of leaving the final bill unpaid, you can use funeral home services that split your final arrangements' cost into monthly increments. You can make payments on your plans until they are paid in full, ensuring that you leave your life insurance and estate to go to your relatives after you are gone.

Choosing Burial Options

Finally, the funeral home services that you can use can help you choose between traditional burial and cremation. You can learn about the costs for each one and decide what one best aligns with your preferences, religious beliefs, and budget.

Funeral home services can help you lay out and finalize your final arrangements well before you die. You can use them to stipulate your wishes for how they are carried out. You can also pre-pay for them and decide between cremation and traditional burial.