Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

Funeral Pre-Arrangements And Why You Should Consider Using Them

by Andrea Rhodes

There are several topics you hear about when you start reaching a certain age. These topics include life insurance, retirement plans, and end of life planning. It is not something many people want to think about, but it is something that needs to be done in order to make sure you and your family are taken care of. You may have noticed services and companies that offer pre-arrangements with area funeral homes and funeral directors. If you aren't sure what these entail or if they would benefit you, here are a few key points to consider. 

Bundled Services

When you start to look at everything that goes into funeral arrangements, you may become overwhelmed. There are a number of choices available and if you attempt to put them together on your own, you may forget a key element. When you use a funeral pre-arrangement service you will have the option of bundled services and service packages. These include the basics you need for your funeral arrangements. You can then move up the service tier to add upgraded options like nicer coffins or specific types of memorials. This takes the guesswork out of the process and gives you a less stressful process to navigate. 

Insurance Payment

One of the key reasons many people choose to use a funeral pre-arrangement service is the ability to set up insurance payments for the service. For example, if you have a burial policy or a life insurance plan, you can sign it over to cover the costs of your final arrangements. When this is done, the insurance company pays the funeral home directly and they in turn mark your payment on their bookkeeping. The remainder of the insurance money is then sent to your beneficiary. 

Reduced Confusion

One of the times when there can be a great deal of confusion is when someone passes away. The family may not know what to do, what the plans are, or what the loved one may want. When you use a pre-arrangements service, you can reduce the chance of this type of confusion. All of your final arrangements will be noted along with what you want done, how you want it done, and who will be receiving any leftover funds from insurance. 

These are just a few of the many reasons to consider using funeral pre-arrangements when available. When you are ready to move forward and begin making plans and looking at your options, contact your area funeral home. The funeral director or assistant director can help you with your choices, setting up the arrangements, and discussing payment options.