Making Big Choices Regarding Funerals

5 People You Should Involve In Funeral Pre-Planning

by Andrea Rhodes

Because anything can happen to anyone at any time, funeral pre-planning is important at all ages. If you've decided to make pre-arrangements or pre-purchase services, though, should you do it alone? No. In fact, you may want to involve some or all of these people. 

1. Funeral Home Staff

First of all, work with a qualified funeral home in your area. They know what needs to be planned, how to keep it within a certain budget, and how to avoid common pitfalls. They will also help you make it official so that your wishes are followed later. 

2. A Close Friend

Take along a friend or family member who knows you well. They will serve as a sounding board and help you make decisions which may be hard for you. They can also handle details around which you may not have a preference. And they will approach the matter from the perspective of your surviving loved ones. 

3. A Financial Planner

Funeral planning isn't just a matter of personal choice and aesthetics. It must also be a financial discussion.

Most people don't have an unlimited budget for their final arrangements. So, planning something that's not in line with your estate's resources could make things more difficult on family and heirs. On the other hand, you may not need to be too miserly if your funds will allow for more.

4. Your Executor

Who will execute your will? This person (or persons) should know that you've made your own funeral arrangements and how to find them when they're needed. If they are at least somewhat involved, they'll know which funeral home to meet with and the rough details of what you want done with your remains. 

5. Outside Vendors

While most funeral homes take care of all or nearly all of the details, some people may need to include outside vendors.

For instance, what if you want to participate in the new trend of composting your body after death? The funeral home may not provide this service, so you'll need to coordinate between them and a composting service. Be sure you know what both parties will need when the time comes. 

Where to Start

The best place and persons to help you begin your funeral planning journey is an experienced funeral home in your local area. They will guide you and your helpful team through the process and make it as successful as possible. Make an appointment today to get started.  

For more information, contact a local funeral home